There are Arab States that maintain formal diplomatic relations with the Jewish State (e.g., Egypt and Jordan), and there are Arab States that maintain only informal relations with the Jewish State (e.g., Oman and Saudi Arabia).


However, regardless of the type of relations, most of these “friendly” Arab States share the same attitudinal trait towards the State of Israel:  Split Personality Disorder.


Arab States, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan and Egypt, have praised the formal diplomatic relations established between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco in 2020, known collectively as the “Abraham Accords” (which strengthens Israel), but they have simultaneous demanded the creation of a hostile Arab State, ruled by the Palestine Liberation Organization, in the Land of Israel (which endangers Israel).  This does not appear to make any sense.  But it does. 


All of these Arab States, which are also Muslim States, are conflicted about the existence and vitality of the Jewish State. 


From a theological perspective, they are suffering from cognitive dissonance, as Allah should have allowed the Arab nations to vanquish the Jews in 1948 (known to Israel as the “War of Independence”) or in 1967 (known to Israel as the “Six Day War”) or in 1973 (known to Israel as the “Yom Kippur War”) as Mohammed once did (according to the Koran and the Hadith) in the 7th Century.  But, instead, the Jews serially emerged victorious against daunting odds and have ruled over Muslims (comprised of Arabs, Circassians, Chechens, Bosnians and a smattering of others) in the Land of Israel for almost a century -- amazing feats which defy Islamic explanation. 


Conversely, from a pragmatic perspective, they are well aware that Israel is the only State with the ability and the willingness to confront Iran militarily.  This Persian-dominated Shiite Muslim State, in addition to developing nuclear weapons for use against Israel, also seeks to conquer and occupy Saudi Arabia -- the historical source of Islam and the theological bastion of Sunni Islam -- in order to appropriate (a) its petroleum wealth, thereby becoming the wealthiest State in the Muslim World, and (b) Islam's two holiest cities (i.e., Mecca and Medina) as well as its holiest pilgrimage festival (i.e., the hajj), thereby establishing the theological preeminence of Shiism above all other sects of Islam and the ethnic dominance of Persians over Arabs.  Although Saudi Arabia is Iran’s primary Sunni Arab target, other Sunni Arab States in the vicinity are also at risk.


So, while these Arab States hate everything that Israel represents (i.e., a historic refutation of Islamic scripture), they need Israel’s assistance in order to ensure the survival of Sunni Islam’s preeminent State as well as their own survival (at least until Iran is defanged).  Consequently, they support bilateral relations between Israel and the Arab States of the “Abraham Accords” even as they simultaneously demonize Israel in international forums and pray to Allah for the Jewish State's demise.


Even the Arab States of the “Abraham Accords”, who (unlike Egypt and Jordan) are publicly effusive about bilateral relations with the Jewish State, are also demanding that Israel allow the creation of a P.L.O. State bent on its destruction.  Enthusiasm for Israel thereby coexists with a death wish for the Jewish State. 


If that is not Split Personality Disorder, nothing is.


© Mark Rosenblit




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